Get all the recordings from twelve 2021 SpeakOut webinars plus the 4-Day Summer Institute. Includes 22+ hours of professional development and empowering presentations from today's leading social and racial justice activists, scholars, and speakers. A $99 value!

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This Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month celebrate the diverse identities, histories, and experiences of our AAPI communities with this one-of-a-kind Bundle. 

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This Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month celebrate the diverse identities, histories, and experiences of our AAPI communities with this one-of-a-kind Bundle for Institutions. 

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Check out our special bundle exploring womanhood through the lens of immigrant women, Indigenous women, and women across generations fighting for reproductive rights.

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Check out our special bundle exploring womanhood through the lens of immigrant women, Indigenous women, and women across generations fighting for reproductive rights.

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Racial justice activist Paul Kivel helps parents grapple with the complex forces in our sons' lives, including racism, homophobia, pornography, drugs, classism, consumerism, sex, and living in violent environments.

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Calavera Highway is a sweeping story of seven Mexican American men grappling with the meaning of masculinity, fatherhood, and a legacy of rootless beginnings.

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CIVIO is a strategy card game that explores the relationship of issues, freedoms, laws, and Supreme Court cases that have both strengthened and reduced civil rights and civil liberties.

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In this book, Wise takes a timely and provocative look at contemporary racism and offers fresh ideas on what can be done to achieve true social justice and economic equality.

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Wise, a respected racial justice educator and advocate, presents an analysis of race relations and ideology in the contemporary US, as a letter addressed to its 200 million white citizens.

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In this collection of essays, renowned racial justice advocate Tim Wise confronts racism in contemporary America. Seen through the lens of major flashpoints during the Obama and Trump years, Dispatches from the Race War faces the consequences of white supremacy in all its forms.

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A 8 lesson curriculum to accompany the DVD of the live show written and performed by Ariel Luckey

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Purchase both the DVD of the play and the companion Curriculum Guide and save!

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A young white man's search for his roots takes him from the streets of Oakland to the prairies of Wyoming on an unforgettable journey into the heart of American history.
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Gender Outlaw was decades ahead of its time when it was first published in 1994. Now, some twenty-odd years later, this book stands as both a classic and a still-revolutionary work—one that continues to push us gently but profoundly to the furthest borders of the gender frontier.
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Twenty-seven pages of feminist fun! This is a coloring book you will never outgrow. Girls Are Not Chicks is a subversive and playful way to examine how pervasive gender stereotypes are in every aspect of our lives.

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Justice for Some offers a new approach to understanding the Palestinian struggle for freedom, told through the power and control of international law. Focusing on key junctures—from the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to present-day wars in Gaza—Noura Erakat shows how the strategic deployment of law has shaped current conditions. Over the past century, the law has done more to advance Israel's interests than the Palestinians'. But, Erakat argues, this outcome was never inevitable.

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Written by Victor Lewis and Hugh Vasquez, "Lessons from "The Color of Fear" is an educational 4 volume curriculm designed for use with the ground-breaking film "The Color of Fear"(TCOF). Available as a PDF with a DVD.

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Intoxicating and irreverent, Renee Tajima-Peña's documentary and Sundance Film Festival award-winner, MY AMERICA...OR HONK IF YOU LOVE BUDDHA, a rollicking ride across a changing terrain. following the director’s cross-country road trip in search of Asian America.

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A powerful resource for classrooms and families, this 20-minute film promotes racial and ethnic identity in all children, highlighting the multiracial experience. Includes Action Booklet to facilitate dialogue and activities.

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Celebrate the lives, stories, and contributions of Indigenous artists, activists, scientists, athletes, and other changemakers in this beautifully illustrated collection, profiling 50 notable American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian people.

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From one of the world’s leading voices on white privilege and anti-racism work comes this collection of essays on complexities of privilege and power. Each of the four parts illustrates Peggy McIntosh’s practice of combining personal and systemic understandings to focus on power in unusual ways. SALE - Reg. $47.89 Save $10!

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This powerful and accessible 104-page Facilitation Guide was designed to be used in conjunction with the SpeakOut E-Course, Race, Power, & Privilege.

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Based on the film, "Requiem for the American Dream," this is Noam Chomsky's first major book on the subject of income inequality.
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Re-creating nursery rhymes and fairy tales, this radical coloring book takes anecdotes from the lives of real kids and mixes them with classic tales to create true-to-life characters, situations and resolutions.

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Recording of the April 8 recording with award-winning filmmaker and scholar Renee Tajima-Peña and author and activist Helen Zia.

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Recording of April 21 virtual event with award-winning writer, educator, and activist, Aya de Leon

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Recording of March 12 webinar with Lakota Harden (Minnecoujou/Yankton Lakota and HoChunk), award-winning organizer, community leader, and elder who has been part of Native American struggles for the past four decades.

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Recording of November 11 webinar with scholar, writer, and cultural critic, Dr. Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation).

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Recording of the May 19th virtual event with anti-racism educator and author Tim Wise.

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Recording of the February 3 webinar with scholar, activist, and local government official Mariah Parker.

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Recording of October 1 webinar with reproductive justice activists Loretta Ross and Deja Foxx, examining the implications of recent rulings that threaten the future of women’s rights in the United States.

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Recording of April 7 webinar with scholar and author, Dr. Anthony Ocampo.

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Recording of February 25 webinar with Jesse Hagopian, award-winning educator, author, and co-editor of the books Black Lives Matter at School and Teaching for Black Lives

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Recording of May 4 webinar with anti-racism author, attorney, and scholar Dr. Jacqueline Battalora.

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Recording of March 26, 2021 webinar with Loretta Ross, activist, public intellectual, and professor

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Recording of February 17 webinar with Keith Knight, an award-winning cartoonist and inspiration for the acclaimed Hulu series, “Woke.”

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Recordings of the 2021 SpeakOut Summer Institute for Campus Faculty and Staff are now available for purchase. Four days of sessions (10+ hours) provided deep professional development and healing-centered pedagogy, models, and tools for creating a new anti-racist normal in our institutions and communities.

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Recording of the June 24, 2021 virtual event with a panel of powerful anti- racism educators and authors Jesse Hagopian, Loretta Ross, and Tim Wise

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The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book is sixty-four pages illustrating twenty-six words that highlight memorable victories, collective moments, and ordinary schemes in LGBTQP culture. For kids and adult alike, it is a tool for education and inspiration!

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World-renowned activist and poet Sonya Renee Taylor packs important ideas into this concise volume on body empowerment. “Radical self-love is not a destination you are trying to get to; it is who you already are.”

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The Latinos of Asia offers a window into both the racial consciousness of everyday people and the changing racial landscape of American society.

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In our era of mass incarceration, gun violence, and Black Lives Matters, a handbook showing how racial justice and restorative justice can transform the African American experience in America.

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This book is for activists engaging with dynamic questions of how to create and support effective movements for visionary systemic change. Chris Crass’s collection of essays and interviews presents us with powerful lessons for transformative organizing through offering a firsthand look at the challenges and the opportunities of anti-racist work in white communities, feminist work with men, and bringing women of color feminism into the heart of social movements.


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Towards the "Other America" is a call to action to end white silence and a manual on how to do it. In addition to his own soul-searching essays and practical organizing advice in his “notes to activists," Chris Crass lifts up the voices of longtime white anti-racist leaders organizing in white communities for Black Lives Matter.

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An historical analysis of how the Right has advanced its agenda and strategies used to gain political influence on campus.

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This hard-hitting book takes a look at economic inequality and the demonization of those in need. Wise argues that far from any culture of poverty, it is the culture of predatory affluence that deserves the blame for America's simmering economic and social crises.

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Understanding Jim Crow is both a grisly tour through America’s past and an auspicious starting point for racial understanding and healing. Henry Louis Gates Jr. calls the illustrated volume, "One of the most important contributions to the study of American history that I have ever experienced."
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Undivided Rights captures the evolving and largely unknown activist history of women of color organizing for reproductive justice—on their own behalf.

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Completely revised and updated, this 4th edition of Uprooting Racism offers a framework around neoliberalism and interpersonal, institutional, and cultural racism, along with stories of resistance and white solidarity.

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Features two of this country's leading racial and social justice scholar-activists discussing contemporary global politics.
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By Robin DiAngela, this New York Times best-selling book explores the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality. Foreword by Michael Eric Dyson SALE! Save over 20%! Reg. $16 Now $12

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White Guys on Campus is a critical examination of race in higher education, centering whiteness, in an effort to unveil the frequently unconscious habits of racism among White male undergraduates.

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