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SpeakOut: From The Heart


"SpeakOut: From the Heart" is a powerful and urgent new series that immerses you in the personal and inspirational stories of our renowned speakers, revealing the beating heart behind their social justice work. In these intimate conversations, speakers share their journeys, their battles, and their unwavering dedication to creating a more just and compassionate world.


We invite you to an intimate conversation with SpeakOut speaker, Lakota Harden, a long-time community leader, educator, and award-winning organizer, advocating for protecting our sacred world and all relatives.

Lakota, a highly-respected Minnecoujou/Yankton Lakota and HoChunk elder, has been deeply involved in Native American struggles for over four decades. From her early days representing the American Indian Movement's "We Will Remember" Survival School to her continued activism with organizations like the International Indian Treaty Council and Idle No More, Lakota's journey is one of unwavering dedication to social justice.

She brings a wealth of experience, including work with youth in Alaska, diabetes prevention efforts, and environmental advocacy as a co-founder of the Herring Protectors. Recognized for her outstanding commitment to social justice, Lakota has received prestigious awards such as the Brave Hearted Woman Award from Mills College and the Sisters of Fire Award from the Women of Color Resource Center. Her profound insights into the intergenerational impact of the boarding school experience and her advocacy for decolonization workshops highlight her mission to heal historical trauma and empower Indigenous communities.

Hosted and moderated by Amalia Mesa, SpeakOut Managing Director

English Captioning provided, and available as an audio and visual recording after.

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Featuring Lakota Harden

Educator, Award-Winning Organizer, and Community Leader

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