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We are SpeakOut

The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture

Our Mission

SpeakOut's mission is to encourage critical and imaginative thinking to address the major inequities of our day and transform a fractured world.

Our Learning Opportunities

Our network of speakers, artists, and strategic partners provide experiential learning opportunities through lectures, workshops, film screenings, performances, consulting and professional development.

Our Network

SpeakOut works with colleges, universities, schools, organizations, government agencies and the private sector, promoting critical analysis, creativity and innovative strategies for 21st century problem-solving.

Education Institute

A digital destination that empowers young people, educators, and professionals through transformative programming featuring our speakers. The goal of our educational programs is to create a more just society.


Learn from leading speakers and experts in our educational, social justice e-courses. Designed for self-paced or group learning, these courses will empower you to make a positive impact on yourself, in your institutions, and in society as a whole.

Virtual Events

Join us for live virtual events featuring renowned and emerging speakers presenting new, cutting-edge material on race, culture, and politics. Engage with others in accessible and affordable events.

Summer Institute

Join our multi-day Summer Institute for activists, educators, scholars, and professionals to learn from leading experts, engage in interactive workshops, and connect with a diverse network of change-makers. Make a positive impact in your institutions and communities.

SpeakOut Original Films

Explore our selection of SpeakOut-produced films and learn about the talented speakers and artists involved. Support the next generation of artists and filmmakers by watching and contributing to our films.

The work of SpeakOut's network of cultural speakers, activists and artists fuses living experience with political insight, reaching young people at an important time in their lives. The growing conservative forces in this country are keenly aware of the way art and a lively culture sustains us and connects us to others. Their relentless attacks, designed to dismantle the arts and cultural institutions, are attempts to stifle the power of art and culture to transform people's views of society and world. And our SpeakOut staff deserves an award for their tireless work to improve our humanity and our world.
Howard Zinn Former Chair of SpeakOut’s National Advisory Board, author of "People's History of United States

Our Store


Virtual Event Package 2023


Enjoy recordings from 9 events and presentations with SpeakOut speakers. For group package sales, contact programs@speakoutnow.org


"Race, Power, & Privilege" Facilitation Guide


This powerful and accessible 104-page Facilitation Guide was designed to be used in conjunction with the SpeakOut E-Course, "Race, Power, & Privilege," and beyond.


Vocabulary of Change: Angela Davis and Tim Wise in Conversation (Streamer)


Features two of this country's leading racial and social justice scholar-activists discussing contemporary global politics.


Summer Institute 2023 Recordings Package


SpeakOut’s Summer Institute instructors offer the framework, organizing strategies, leadership and and resources to meet the current challenges. We also lay the groundwork for a mighty network of educators, staff, administrators, and community members to strengthen capacity and infrastructure for collective action.

Our Store


Virtual Event Package 2023


Enjoy recordings from 9 events and presentations with SpeakOut speakers. For group package sales, contact programs@speakoutnow.org