Mission and Programs

Speak Out - The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture is a national non-profit 501(c)3 organization that educates, inspires, and empowers young people to become activists for social justice.

Committed to social, cultural, environmental, economic, and racial justice, Speak Out encourages critical and imaginative thinking about domestic and international issues through programs nationwide.

Since 1990, SpeakOut has been providing a range of engaging and educational activities:

  • We promote speakers, performers, scholars, artists, authors, exhibits and films, representing the breadth of social and political movements
  • We work with colleges and universities, public and private schools, community groups and non-profits, governement agencies, and companies, providing speakers for their events
  • We offer three e-courses for students - "Race, Power, & Privilege," "Beyond the Land Acknowledgement," and "How to Create Brave and Safer Spaces in an Anxious World"
  • We publish and distribute educational materials and diversity resources including:
    • Vocabulary of Change featuring Angela Davis & Tim Wise in Conversation DVD and Study Guide
    • Free Land DVD and Curriculum
    • Crash Course: Reflections on the Film Crash for Critical Dialogues About Race, Power and Privilege
    • Lessons from "The Color of Fear"
    • Books and DVDs by SpeakOut authors and filmmakers in the SpeakOut online store
  • We regularly produce virtual events featuring our speakers
  • We sponsor an annual 4-day virtual Summer Institute for faculty, staff, and community members
  • We organize workshops and trainings to strengthen social justice organizing at high schools, colleges, universities and in communities
  • We participate in regional and national conferences that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

    Speak Out relies on the the support of individuals dedicated to equity and justice. Please consider making a secure online contribution towards our work.