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We are three colleagues who came together to address the major cultural shifts happening today. As a team, our lived experiences and professional backgrounds ignite us to do this work. Collectively - we’re a group of facilitators, lecturers, artists, illustrators, and actors and our work has always kept social justice at the center.  We bring it in everything that we do because for us, the personal is political.

We provide active, embodied, and dialogue-based presentations and workshops customized to your campus or organization.  Topics are addressed on a systematic and individual level that will challenge the way an audience contributes and affects change within their own learning and workspaces and subcultures. Our work will create a strong foundation for your communities to thrive.

Natalie is a first generation Vietnamese American with a background in community organizing. She’s organized for Planned Parenthood - LA on their voter campaign, with the ACLU of San Diego California on their immigrant advocacy initiative, and now handles community and policy advocacy at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles. Natalie is a co-founder of SHIFT, a diversity, inclusion, and sexual harassment prevention consulting group delivering workshops to challenge the way folks understand equity. She also illustrates and has worked with clients like 18MillionRising, The United State of Women, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus, MPower Change, and more to create and build more tools that capture Asian American experiences and narratives.

Kausar’s strategic intention is to create more visibility for communities of color and historically marginalized folks. She does so by fostering community in her daily life; producing TV, film, and live comedy projects; and facilitating discussions around race and gender through her company Shift. She is accredited by NBC, Huffington Post, and Al-Jazeera for her comedy and activism work. Her on-screen credits include ABC, FOX, HBO, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, and Universal films. She can be found performing at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre or in the dark alleys of a used bookstore.

Veline Mojarro is an artist, educator, and reproductive justice advocate from Los Angeles, California. Her work operates at the intersection of art, social justice, and equity. Veline is a co-founder of SHIFT: Sexual Harassment Prevention, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting and Director of Equity, Safety, and Inclusion for every one, a Goldenvoice initiative to prevent and stop any form of harassment at Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals. She is also a Lecturer in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA and had previously served as Director of Community Programs at the UCLA Art and Global Health Center.



"Talking openly and knowledgeably about race, gender, power and privilege is an ever-increasing competency that students are expected to develop while in college. To this end, SHIFT presented these topics to our incoming cohort of students with dynamic energy, cultural capital, and loads of fun. This combination created a unique experience for students that lowered their defenses and increased opportunities for learning and personal growth." 
- Ian Wallace, PhD, Chair, Unity Council at CSU Maritime Academy
"SHIFT’s presentation enabled conversations about diversity among our incoming freshman class that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and did so in a way that was relevant, in tune with current events and youth culture, and entertaining. The presenters put significant effort into researching the culture of our institution and connecting their session to our institution’s objectives and population. This attention to detail set their presentation apart from those of other Orientation Week diversity speakers we’ve had in the past." 
- Elaine Kociolek, Associate Director, EOP/ SEAS Center

Veline has been a magnanimous and excellent resource and pioneer in education, access and loving people well. I feel eternally grateful for her support, her invigorating spirit, and her unyielding ability to equip and empower and call out the gold in us all. Her extensive knowledge in theater and sexual health is just that, and yet she still invites us all to be empowered in our own knowledge.
​- UCLA Student

Natalie naturally creates a fair and equitable space to have difficult discussions. What worked well in this workshop was their ability to conduct very comfortable facilitation. ​
- Claremont Graduate University Faculty Staff Member

Kausar is a high energy, inspiring, motivated and "let's get it done" team member that I had a pleasure to work with. She is a natural media queen. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.
- ​Aga Khan Foundation Partnerships in Action Project Manager


Diversity & Inclusion
Race, Power, Privilege & Gender 101
This will cover the basics you need to understand race, gender, privilege, and sex and how they all intersect with one another.

Identity & introspection
Engage in reflective exercises to examine privilege, awareness, and understanding of self in relation to people with different backgrounds.

Learn how to gauge the everyday verbal and nonverbal slights that contribute to a hostile environment. Assess ways in language to make for more inclusive workplaces.

Cultural Appropriation
Understand what is cultural appropriation and how to assess and speak up in  inappropriate situations that are disrespectful to communities.

Solidarity Building
This workshop goes over ways to build intentional solidarity with other communities as an ongoing practice. We go over four tactics of self awareness, of self education, and develop a cohesive definition of what solidarity can look like in your community. We discuss the ally industrial complex,and ally theatre, to move towards a more encompassing practices of this work.
“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” - Lilla Watson

Anti-Blackness in Brown Communities
Anti - blackness exists in our communities, even in communities of color. Through this workshop, participants will come to understand that the structures of racial injustice in the US lie between black vs. white colorism and the roots colonialism. How do we address racism that exists in between communities of color? How can we have productive conversations to combat anti-blackness within our own spaces (and families)? In this workshop we will explore these questions through a facilitated dialogue to openly talk about best practices, share anecdotal experiences, and find tangible takeaways to apply in our own personal situations.

Reproductive Justice
In this workshop we will explore the four pillars of reproductive justice (coined by Sister Song and other Black women community leaders) and all the interesting topics considering power, privilege, access, and resource. In the culture of Reproductive Justice we center the experience and voices of women and femmes of color to address the history of reproductive injustice and how to support reproductive justice today.

Sexual Harassment Prevention
We employ arts-based exercises, facilitated dialogue, and media literacy to contextualize rape culture in our current day climate. Participants leave aware of power on a systematic level while also understanding their individual power to change these systems. We conduct bystander training and intervention tactics, deconstruct ideas about the gender binary, and rebuild definitions of consent within nuanced scenarios.

Creative Content as Resistance - From IRL to the Internet
This workshop talks about resistance through digital arts-platforms. As content creators of visual art, tv/film, podcasts, and online communities, we talk about our own activism in a digital world. What are the ways in which we can address the lack of digital spaces for our communities? How we can challenge the way mainstream media portrays narratives of our communities? We’ll speak to the challenges we’ve faced, the strategies we’ve employed, and the values of creating and building online community in various sub-groups.

Respectability Politics
Our standards of professionalism have been set in place by white supremacy culture and as a result, the ways we perform in workplaces can compromise our own identities and understandings of self. How can we bring about workplace culture shifts to reflect who we best are? How does respectability politics tie into toxic work environments and self-care at work and other community spaces? How do we decolonize the workplace to redefine what professionalism can look like, in order to create spaces where individuals can thrive? In this workshop we will explore these questions through a facilitated dialogue on how we can - and the need to - bring more of our identities, diversity, and backgrounds into historically white spaces.

Veline and Kausar MCs pt 4