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Dr. Rahuldeep Gill is a burgeoning filmmaker and an award-winning educator/author, with over nearly two decades of experience teaching about religious ideas and cultural identities. He has appeared on public radio, lectured for the State Department, and spoken at the Church Center for the United Nations.
Dr. Gill consults on television and film projects and his writings have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Huffington Post. Oxford University Press published his first book, a highly-regarded set of poetry translations called Drinking from Love’s Cup. He is currently translating the poetry of the earliest Sikh scriptures while also writing his memoir about growing up in the United States as a racial and religious minority and immigrant.
Raised in Boston, Dr. Gill graduated with Honors from the University of Rochester (New York) and received his doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is a professor at California Lutheran University where he teaches a class on religion and hip-hop culture, in addition to courses on Asian-American religions, the Sikh tradition, and ancient Asian spiritualities. He lives in Los Angeles with his family and the world’s most beautiful blue-nose Pitbull.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for coming to Miami University. We thoroughly enjoyed you and appreciate the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences you shared with us. Not only did students gain insight and perspective on the topic of inteculturalism and interfaith, but our Faculty and Staff were rejuvenated and motivated by your talk at the lunch and learn. While, we still have work to do on our campuses and in this country, these are the talks that we cherish and NEED in order to do good work, be good colleagues, allies, and support systems for the students we serve. Thank you for making us think critically and push beyond our points of comforts! 
- Evelyn D. Covington, Orientation and Transition Programs, Miami University
This was such a powerful event for me. In all my years of schooling, this was the first time I met a Sikh-American professor in the liberal arts as a first-generation college student who happens to also be a Sikh woman. I know as a graduate student, orientation can be a very different experience from undergrad orientation but yesterday and today's event is what I needed to further let me know I'm on the right campus. 
— Graduate Student, Miami University
“His wit is sharp, his intellect is fierce, and his heart is generous and kind. I learn from him every time we speak.”
“Dr. Gill helped our leadership trainees explore the concepts of service, community, and enacting the value of aiding others.”
“I always find myself moved and enriched by his words.”
“He inspires and challenges the minds and hearts of those around him in a way that benefits every organization he touches.”
“…. a public intellectual on the rise!”
“… caring, approachable, pretty hip I might add, and funny! The best of the best….”

“Dr. Gill provided a very thought-provoking and informative session with a lot of to-do’s now that I’m back at my desk in Pennsylvania.  His depth of knowledge and generous spirit kept the attendees in rapt attention throughout our time together.”

“As a first time visitor to the NCORE conference, Rahuldeep’s presentation on showcasing wins, finding resilience, and building avenues for self-care spoke to me more than other presentation I’ve experienced at any other higher-ed conference. He builds impactful connections for all audiences with nuanced conceptual frameworks that challenge existing viewpoints, and his inspirational outlook feels immediately apparent.”
- Florence Davies, Texas A&M University

"Please accept my heartfelt words of gratitude for Dr Gill's  exceptional Christensen Symposium lecture. He was so very engaging, insightful and accessible for our students. He truly is a gifted scholar and lecturer. I trust he sensed how the Augsburg community responded to him so positively."
— Rev. Mark S. Hanson, Executive Director, Christensen Center for Vocation, Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN

"It was wonderful having you (Dr Gill) on our campus and thank you for all the energy you brought to us.  It was grand. You reached the student audience with power and authenticity."
- Martha E. Stortz, Bernhard M. Christensen Professor for Religion and Vocation, Minneapolis MN

"The campus is still abuzz after yesterday's session with you!  I've heard from many folks that it was, in their opinion,  the best session they had heard in a very long time.  So, on behalf of many of my campus colleagues, thank you again for being with us!"
— Vicky L. Winters, Office of the President, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA

“It was great to have Rahuldeep Gill on campus. Been getting so much positive feedback from students and staff alike! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!”
Rosalie Rodriguez, Director, Multicultural Student Services, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Bucknell University, PA

Solidarity Now: How to Make Sure our Intercultural Work Brings Us Together
How can the Black Student Union better partner with the LGBT Allies group? Intersectionality is a theory that explains how oppressions can be compounded on people who belong to multiple oppressed identity groups. But intersectionality also provides the tools for us to build solidarity across lines of difference. This interactive lecture or workshop equips participants with the tools to make solidarity a daily reality in their contexts.
Finding Your Way on the College Campus: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Other Identities That Matter
Aimed at students transitioning into their new college environment, this interactive workshop helps students to identify their most important identities, and use this knowledge to be better allies and leaders. Attendees will also learn how to navigate intercultural challenges, and how to hone their intercultural skills for successful academic and professional careers.

The Struggle is Too Real: Cultivating a Spirit of Resilience for the Long Haul of Diversity Leadership
We are exhausted. The storms seem relentless. The work never ends. How do we continue to bring our best selves to the work we do for more just and equitable communities? In this workshop, participants will learn techniques to deepen their resilience, while growing as agents for change.

The Fierce Urgency of Now More Than Ever: Building Your Team’s Intercultural Leadership Skills
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote, "This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.” Five decades later, how do we balance the urgent needs of intercultural work while moving at an effective pace? This talk will inspire and equip your team to implement powerful strategies that can be adapted to your context.
Also covered:
·         Resilience over safety and bravery
·         Swing for the fences
·         Are you tired of the slow motion? How do you accelerate?
·         Go deep, not fast
Beyond Tolerance: Engaging Diverse Worldviews On Your Campus
Tolerance is not enough. Campuses need an organic philosophy on how to move from basic accommodations of diversity to true pluralism, where diversity of worldviews is valued and pursued. Having concrete strategies in place to help constituents work across differences ensures that diversity is not just a buzz-creating phrase, or something aspirational. This keynote address aims to empower constituents to turn diversity of perspectives into a catalyst for innovation and collaboration.
Also covered:
·         Applying campus mission and vision to diversity initiatives
·         Earning the trust and commitment of peers and administration
·         Learning strategies to operationalize diversity initiatives and improve campus culture
Creating Safe, Brave, and Resilient Spaces on Your Campus
Higher Ed professionals have been moving away from "safe space" in order to facilitate greater vulnerability and create social change. But brave spaces are not enough, either. This talk helps administrators, staff, faculty, and students rethink their space and social justice mission in order underscore a spirit of resilience.
Also covered:
·         reflect on experiences with bravery and safety
·         tie navigation of issues of public space to the campus mission
·         understand the biological, social, psychological, and emotional needs of learners
·         re-imagine the campus not just as a learning environment, but a dynamic workplace
Beyond the Choir: How Change Agents Can Spread Their Work
Advocates for social change need passion, but also the strategies to thrive for the long haul. This workshop will help participants reimagine the role of mentors in their work, and identify the resources available to them in their work. Administrators will learn how to take care of their change agents and support their work; change agents will learn how to demand more from administrators.
Also covered:
·         Engage the topics of "lean startup" methods for campus programming
·         Create checklists and master assessment strategies for targeted programming
·         Map assets and allies in campus ecosystems
·         Learn about practices for resilience