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Deja Foxx is a 21 year old activist, feminist, strategist, and influencer leading thought at the intersection of social justice and social media. She is the founder of GenZ Girl Gang, a student at Columbia University, and a Digital Creator with Ford Models. At just 19, she was the youngest staffer across the 2020 Presidential campaigns while working for Kamala Harris as Influencer and Surrogate Strategist. She has gone on to build innovative digital strategies for nonprofits and serves as the Social Media Director at Acronym, an oranization building digital infrastructure for the modern progressive movement. 

From homelessness in high school to the forefront of the digital oranizing and the reproductive justice movement, Deja is changing the world at 20 years old. She’s been named a Teen Vogue 21 under 21, joined the Dazed 100, received Planned Parenthood Catalyst for Change Award, and helped more than 4,000 teens access care in her hometown through the El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project she founded in 2017. 

Long Bio:

Deja Foxx is a 21 year old activist and organizer from Tucson, Arizona. She was raised by a single mother, but due to issues of substance abuse found herself homeless at just 15 years old. Deja used this adversity to fuel her activism. Seeing how her school's outdated sex education system disadvantaged her and students like her she began her fight for comprehensive sex education reform and embarked on the organizing campaign that would spark a lifelong passion. After 6 months of organizing, storytelling, and lobbying school board members, Deja and her peers won a unanimous victory in favor of comprehensive sex education in their city's largest school district.

The following year in the wake of the election, Deja scaled up her work. In efforts to protect Title X funding (which she and millions of other low-income women used to access birth control with no-copay) she confronted her senator at a town hall. The video of this confrontation quickly went viral pushing Deja to the front of the reproductive justice movement. Consequently, she was afforded the opportunity to share her story live on CNN with Don Lemon, was dubbed "The New Face of Planned Parenthood" by the Washington Post, and lobbied elected officials on Capitol Hill. She also partnered with Planned Parenthood to run trainings, speak at events, and served as a member of the board of directors for Planned Parenthood Arizona.

Using her new found platform to create lasting change in her hometown and expanding her work beyond Planned Parenthood to community health centers, Deja helped to found the Reproductive Health Access Project in 2017 alongside untraditional youth leaders. The team included teen moms, formerly incarcerated youth, youth who had overcome substance abuse, and homeless youth like herself. These teens function as peer sex educators and run teen clinics every week in which transportation, birth control services, STI testing, and PrEP are all provided to young people at absolutely no cost to them. They’ve since been able to serve over 4,000 of their peers. That same year, she organized a walk out and march at her high school as a part of the March for our Lives movement and organized protests around child detention centers in her city.

In addition to her community work, Deja also balanced school, work, and providing for herself and her mother (fun fact: she worked at a gas station for 2 years to make ends meet). All of this hard work and dedication paid off when Deja was accepted on a full ride to Columbia University making her the first person in her family to attend college. Since moving to New York City, her work has grown and taken new directions. She joined JUV Consulting, a consulting company completely run by members of GenZ, as a Senior Partner where she worked for over a year and founded her own organization, GenZ Girl Gang which is redefining sisterhood in the age of social media. Teen Vogue selected her as a member of their 21 Under 21 class of 2018, she partnered with Cara Delevingne and Puma to highlight her story in their #DoYou campaign, was named DoSomething’s Empower Player of the year, joined the Dazed 100, received Planned Parenthood Catalyst for Change Award, and found herself growing a social media following that would later make her MAC Cosmetics’ youngest ever ambassador and a Nike Dream Leader.

The combination of these experiences eventually lead her to take the year off of school and join the Kamala Harris For The People Campaign full time. She worked as the Influencer and Surrogate Strategist out of the head quarters at just 19. This made her the youngest of her coworkers by far and one of the youngest people ever to hold a position of that level on a presidential campaign.


Sex Ed and Storytelling
People always ask: ‘Where do I start?’. Deja’s response is this: get personal. Her activism journey didn't begin with viral fame or on a presidential campaign, but instead in a classroom in Tucson, Arizona. She was in a school district like many across the country that had little to no regulation around sex education and was teaching medically innacurate information last updated in the 80’s. While this sufficed for some who had parents at home who were willing and able to supplement the bad information, Deja, like many students, did not. She saw how this disproportionately impacted students like her and got to work organizing her peers and attending school board meetings to empower them to share their stories. This would only be the start as Deja people around the world to use their personal narrative as a tool for change making.

The American Dream
‘Why would you deny me the American Dream?’ was the question that, from the mouth of a 16 year old Deja, echoed in the ears of over 17 million people in a viral storm around the nation. In 2017 as the Affordable Care Act and funding for reproductive health organizations, like Planned Parenthood, were on the line, Deja, took a stand against her republican senator. He had just voted to deny the funding she and 4 million other low-income people used to access contraception and other reproductive health services, and she pressed him on why it was his right, as a privileged white man, to deny her, a young woman of color without parents or insurance, autonomy over her body. Deja is a firm believer that control over our bodies is control over our futures. She went on to interview live on CNN about the subject and the Washington post called her ‘The New Face of Planned Parenthood’. This would only be the start as Deja inspires people around the world to use their personal narrative as a tool for change making.

Homelessness to Higher Education
Having experienced what it was like to be independent and live without a home of her own at just 15, Deja has beaten the odds in becoming the first person in her family to attend college. Hear the inspirational story of how Deja’s community invested in her and how she has reinvested in her community by empowering youth in similar situations to take control of their health and their future and went on to help found the first ever special interest community for First Generation and Low-Income Students in Columbia University’s history.

GenZ Girl Gang: Redefining Sisterhood for a New Generation
Deja founded GenZ Girl Gang in 2019 as a bold experiment in community building that through 100% community sourced content inverts the typical top-down social media structure and challenges members to redefine the way they practice sisterhood in the age of social media and infinite connection. Deja has seen the power of social media in changing her own life and translates her grassroots organizing skills to a digital space in order to connect with young womxn and femmes and create an interdisciplinary community of people who truly see their success as tied to one another. The connections made now, she believes, have the capacity to end the cycle of competition between womxn and equip her community members with the collaborative skills and community to take on the world's most pressing issues, which believe it or not GenZ will inherit.

Your Future President
Deja Foxx introduces herself as an activist, organizer, badass, and your future president and she means it. She firmly believes that after 45 male presidents, 44 of which were white, there is enough room for her and all of her sisters in the white house. She got to work on making this vision of political representation a reality when at 19 she dropped everything, taking time off of school to join the Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign full time as the Influencer and Surrogate Strategist. This would  make her the youngest by far of staffers working her head quarters and one of the youngest people ever to hold a position of that level on a presidential campaign. Deja plans to return home to Arizona and run for office and will be eligible for her very own presidential run in 2036.

GenZ The Leaders of Today
All too often Deja hears her and her peers described as ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ when in reality they are leading the charge for change today. As the founder of two youth led organizations, one trailbalzing a new model for peer-to-peer sex education and the other redefining the way young womxn use social media to build community, Deja has expereinced first hand the amazing things that can happen when you give young people the tools and resources to lead. She also worked for over a year as a Senior Partner at a GenZ Marketing agency, was a youth director on the Planned Parenthood Arizona Board of Directors, and as Influencer and Surrogate Strategist for Kamala Harris was one of the youngest people ever to hold a position of that level on a presidential campaign. Deja is unapologetically taking up space and creating seats for other young people as she does it.