Voice Your Vote 2020

How can SpeakOut help engage 20 million students in our country's elections? 
Only half of eligible young people, ages 18 - 29, voted in the 2016 general election.
This is due to a number of factors including:

  • They don’t know where candidates stand.
  • They’re confused about how to find out.
  • They’re pushed out of the voting process as massive voter suppression efforts hit students nationwide (read more about this in the New York Times).

SpeakOut is launching an effort to address these issues. We’ll be distributing resources from the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP), a national nonpartisan organization that helps colleges engage students in federal, state and local elections.
Starting now, SpeakOut will be sending out CEEP's nonpartisan, state-specific guides to help students navigate the elections, among other materials. Check out CEEP’s website for tons of information, resources, and guides to help promote student voter engagement. CEEP has created 7 Key Ways To Act to help students navigate through the ever-changing barriers to voting.
Plus when SpeakOut speakers visit campuses throughout the coming year, they will engage students directly, supporting voter registration efforts and get-out-the-vote organizing.