SpeakOut Ed Talks - Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Creating Safe Learning Environments

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How can educators create safe learning environments for young people who’ve experienced or witnessed a lifetime of trauma? They’ve lived through events like 9/11, school shootings, police violence, natural disasters, the pandemic. Or their personal lives have been scarred by physical abuse, sexual assault, violence, poverty, neglect.

Research has shown that by the time they reach college age, 66 to 85 percent of youth report lifetime traumatic event exposure, with many reporting multiple experiences. For Black, Indigenous, and other young people of color, young immigrants and refugees, queer youth, and current and former foster youth, the risk factors are even higher.

Award-winning author and scholar Dr. Stacey Patton is a nationally-recognized child and youth advocate whose research focuses on the intersections of race and childhood. In this webinar, she draws on that framework to show how trauma manifests in young people and how it affects their learning and development. She’ll offer practical tools and strategies that can be used in person or in a virtual setting. She’ll explain how to be a safe mirror for students without turning into a therapist and suffering compassion fatigue. Most importantly, Dr. Patton will share how to create safe learning spaces and pedagogy that helps students thrive.