SpeakOut Ed Talk - Rest and Resilience in the Face of Political and Pandemic Challenges

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In the face of unprecedented political challenges and the ongoing circumstances of the pandemic, burnout feels omnipresent and inevitable. As well, self-care is often co-opted by corporate interests who create the illusion that rest is something you buy or that it’s an individual’s problem rather than society’s, the result of policies and practices of capitalism and white supremacy.

How can we create robust care practices to continue to fight the systems that are failing us? In this presentation, Mariah Parker teaches participants to reclaim self-care as an act of resistance and will lead participants through some of the daily practices they have cultivated in making the balancing act of work, parenting, school, art, and politics sustainable. Learn about radical gratitude, rest as a journey, creating portals to care and other nourishing mindsets and activities that can be built into any schedule, on any budget, to evade burnout and foster political longevity.

Mariah Parker is well positioned to take on this topic. They hold a PhD  in linguistics from the University of Georgia where they are also a graduate teaching assistant. Mariah is a local government official, serving as an Athens County Commissioner as well as a hip hop artist (their stage name is Linqua Franqa) and the co-host of the podcast Waiting on Reparations. AND they are a new parent! Balance and self care are not just theoretical but a necessity!