SpeakOut Ed Talk: Red, White, Black & Blue: Highlighting Racial Illiteracy

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From local school boards to state legislatures, we are witnessing the distressing moves nationwide to ban books and block educators from teaching true U.S. history. The repercussions of this for all students, and society as a whole, cannot be underestimated. In this timely presentation, nationally-syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight (the Knight Life, the K Chronicles, (th)ink) combines comics, storytelling, statistics, and facts, to make the case that one of this country’s biggest problems is its inability to have a frank and honest discussion about race.

How we, as a nation, come to terms with race, police brutality, the justice system, media, and the importance of social activism will determine our future. And while these can be difficult conversations, Keith’s slide show presentation, infused with urgency, humor, satire, and politics, is designed to inspire constructive, civil dialogue amongst people of all of all ages, races, orientations, and political persuasions.

Keith Knight is one of the funniest, most highly-regarded cartoonists in the country and the inspiration for the acclaimed Hulu series, “Woke” (season 2 is currently in the works). His slide presentations on racial illiteracy and police brutality have garnered awards including a NAACP History Maker Award, a Comic-Con Inkpot Award, and a Belle Foundation Grant.