Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy

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* An inspirational and holistic approach to teaching by a renowned Latina scholar
* Defines seven steps to unlocking the potential of teachers and their students
* Deeply informed by the author's educational journey as a minority woman from a background of rural poverty

Laura Rendón is a scholar of national stature, known for her research on students of color and first-generation college students, and on the factors that promote and impede student success.

The motivation for the quest that Laura Rendón shares in this book was the realization that she, along with many educators, had lost sight of the deeper, relationship-centered essence of education, and lost touch with the fine balance between educating for academics and educating for life.

Her purpose is to reconnect readers with the original impulse that led them to become educators; and to help them rediscover, with her, their passion for teaching and learning in the service of others and for the well being of our society.


"Vital reading for anyone seeking to create more inclusive institutions for students and teachers alike." -- Diversity & Democracy (AAC&U)

"Challenging, inspiring, beautifully written, and unsual, this book calls readers to find ways to link mind and heart-- thinking and feeling-- to transform teaching and learning in higher education. Many faculty members, and certainly many graduate students considering work in academe, are interested in how to shape careers where their passions and values are central, and how to find satisfactory and meaningful balance in their commitment to both the professional and personal dimensions of their lives. Laura Rendon's volume offers insights, examples, questions and inspiration that will help those grappling with such issues."-- The Review of Higher Education