Dawah: Storyteller's Bazaar CD

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This is the acclaimed debut CD of Dawah (aka Amer F. Ahmed) featuring Alex Schein, Nazeeha TruAysia, Sons and Daughters of the Nile.

Take a poetic journey of spiritual and social insight riding ambient beats with uplifting melodies. Imagine a guided meditation in the garden of Hip-Hop echoing the sounds of De La Soul, Prefuse 73, and The Last Poets.

Production by Le Magicien, DJ Opossum, and Alex Schein. Cuts include:

1. Rise to the Morning Sun

2. i am (featuring Nazeeha TruAysia with Sisters and Sons of the Nile)

3. Essence of Existence (featuring Alex Schein)

4. Rhyme

5. Path to Ecstasy

6. i Stand Poisoned

7. The Grid

8. Collective Enlightenment (featuring Alex Schein and DJ Two Bears)

9. Free of Space and Time

10. Simply Her Subject

11. Myst

12. Trance/Trans

13. Emanate

14. Going Home