2022 Women's History Bundle - INDIVIDUAL RATE

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Our exclusive Women’s History Bundle features contemporary women advocating for narratives that are not often explored in the mainstream. Learn about women’s issues through the lens of immigrant women, Indigenous women, and women of color fighting for reproductive rights.

The bundle includes:

  • The Future of Reproductive Rights: An Intergenerational Conversation with Loretta Ross and Deja Foxx
  • Decolonization and Rematriation: Cultivating Roots for Connection and Healing with Lakota Harden
  • Im(migrants') Rights are Women's Rights with Denea Joseph

Terms for Institutions:
All institution, campus, or organization departments and staff/educators have full and available access to use this bundle once someone from their institution buys it. Contact [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

Each webinar runs approximately 1 hour. 

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