2021 Virtual Events Package

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Get all the recordings from 12 SpeakOut webinars plus the 4-Day Summer Institute 2021. Includes 22+ hours of professional development and empowering presentations from today's leading social and racial justice activists, scholars, and speakers. A $99 value!

The package includes:

Moving Beyond Land Acknowledgements & Token Representations with Adrienne Keene

Becoming Student-Ready Campuses: Learning from the Next Generation to Increase Success & Transform Society with Adam A. Smith

The Future of Reproductive Rights: An Intergenerational Conversation with Loretta Ross and Deja Foxx

Summer Institute for Campus Faculty and Professional Staff:
Session 1 - Social Justice, Healing, and Radical Imagination in Higher Ed with Shakti Butler & Andrew Jolivette
Session 2 - Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Transforming Trauma into Thrivance with Stacey Patton
Session 3 - Community Care and Thrivance with SHIFT & Rahuldeep Singh
Session 4 - Transforming DEI for Institutional Change Roundtable with Melina Abdullah, Amer Ahmed, Nolan Cabrera, Veline Mojaro & Melissa Denizard

• Behind the Attacks on "Critical Race Theory" and How We Can Respond with Jesse Hagopian, Loretta Ross, and Tim Wise

Shaking Up Georgia Politics: Youth, Queer, and Black with State Representative Park Cannon

• Behind the Blue Line: White Supremacy and Policing with Jacqueline Battalora

Deepening Our Practice and Praxis: Strengthening AAPI Movements to Challenge White Supremacy: An AAPI Community Dialogue with SHIFT (Natalie Bui & Kimberly WU) 

• Asian Americans: Facing Hate, Fighting for Justice, and Shaping the American Story with Renee Tajima-Peña and Helen Zia

• White Supremacy and Cancel Culture: Countering Right Wing Attacks on Anti-Racism Work with Loretta Ross

• Decolonization and Rematriation: Cultivating Roots for Connection and Healing with Lakota Harden

• Transforming Education So That Black Lives Matter with Jesse Hagopian

• From Elections to Accountability with Mariah Parker

• Dispatches from the Race War Virtual Book Launch with Tim Wise


Each webinar runs approximately 1 hour except for Beyond the Attacks on “Critical Race Theory” which runs 1.5 hour and the sessions of the Summer Institute which are approximately 3 hours each.


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