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Biography and Booking information

{Mitzi Sinnott }
Award-Winning Actress and Arts Educator

Mitzi Sinnott is an award-winning actress and arts educator whose solo show, SNAPSHOT: a true story of love interrupted by invasion, explores the forces of history, race, and war.

Using theatre, dance, images, and music, SNAPSHOT is the compelling true story of Sinnott’s own journey, as the daughter of a white mother and an African American father who left Appalachia for Vietnam before Sinnott was born.

The play traverses four decades through a landscape of years, memories, and realities. Snapshots from a photo album projected larger than life on a black wall bring the beautiful and ghostly characters to life. R & B tracks take us back to a high school dance floor in 1960s Appalachia, where a White girl and Black boy kiss for the first time. The sound of a gunshot brings us back to the rice fields of Vietnam and a soldier’s decision to kill or die. Carrying her past and the pain of her father’s absence, a moment of dance positions her in the quest to find him.

SNAPSHOT honors Sinnott’s father and other Vietnam veterans who have been lost under the avalanche of history. Her growing insights allow the torn fragments of her life to begin to reconnect. The play is a daring look at the truth of our past and an inspiring example of the need for us to reconcile our history—one life at a time.

Sinnott has also developed a powerful, interactive workshop especially for college students.

In the What's Your Story? workshop, students explore their personal identity and develop their personal narrative as they delve into their past and map a plan for the future. Students can expect to write, reflect, move, and discuss. 

What's Your Story? creates a lasting impression by inspiring students to live creatively and to be bold, especially in the face of fear.

After taking the workshop, students commented on it's impact:

"Hearing others share their story was inspiring, it makes you realize that there are so many people trying to make their hand print in this world, and that everyone actually can in their own way." -- Student, Eastern Kentucky University

"I came here today really scared and nervous about my life, but now I feel I have the clarity and strength to deal with the decisions I need to make." -- Student, De Paul University

Sinnott received a Best Actress Nomination from the Stage Awards at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival for her performance in SNAPSHOT. After writing the first short version of the script, Sinnott was awarded the Brooklyn Arts Council’s NYSCA Individual Artist Re-grant Award for two years, allowing her to develop the full-length play.  

Based on her performance at the Edinburgh Fringe, Sinnott was invited to perform SNAPSHOT in South Africa at the 2006 Cape Town Festival and at the International European Women’s Theatre Festival in Finland in 2007.

"Snapshot is not only about the effects of war in our lives, but about
the wars we face within ourselves each concerning love, acceptance,
forgiveness, and success. Snapshot is a powerful piece of art that enabled our campus to have discussions about unspoken topics such as race and religion. This open dialogue would not have been possible without the powerful images of Snapshot as an educational tool."
-Kipp Colvin, Director of Student Activities, Glenville State College, WV
"A breathtakingly audacious revelation of Sinnott's search to find her father. Many aspire to this but few achieve it."
-Thom Dibdin, The Stage, London
"A beautiful and evocative performance and yet so much more...one of the best anti-war performances I've seen since our Commander in Chief declared this 'war' on terrorism..."
-Vern Ballard, former U.S. Marine