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{Bob Wing }
Veteran Community Organizer and Writer

Bob Wing has been a social justice organizer, political analyst and writer since 1968. He was the founding editor of ColorLines magazine and the newspaper War Times/Tiempo de Guerras.

Currently based in Durham, North Carolina, Wing is active in the Moral Mondays movement which addresses labor issues, immigration, women's rights, healthcare, prison reform, police brutality, environmental justice, voting access, LGBTQ rights, racial justice all as the intersecting struggles that they are.

Wing speaks and writes regularly about the role of the South in the movements for freedom and social justice. His piece, "The Battle Lines are Drawn in the South: Right-wing Neo-Secession or a Third Reconstruction?" went viral and provided a context for better understanding the Right's current offensive against Blacks and other people of color, women, LGBTQ communities, and immigrants as well as the gains won during the Civil Rights era.

A Chinese American, Wing was part of the first wave of Asian American activism in the late '60s. In 1969, he participated in the Third World Strike that led to the formation of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He later taught in that department and briefly chaired the Asian American Studies program.

Over the years, he has been immersed in many intense and conscious efforts to theorize and to build multi-racial unity and to connect issues of war, racism and politics. Wing has helped start and lead such groups as the massive antiwar coalition United for Peace and Justice, Third World Coalition Against the Vietnam War, the National Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision, the National Anti-Racist Organizing Committee and others. Wing previously worked as director of strategic projects for Community Coalition in South Central Los Angeles where he also worked with InnerCity Struggle, the East LA Community Corporation, Liberty Hill Foundation and others. 

Wing has published extensively on issues of racial formation and racial justice, Iraq and the "war on terrorism," elections, Asian American history and the Asian American movement, Mexico, Palestine, sports, and the history of his family's six generations in the U.S. 

Some of his other essays include: ôRace, Obama and the 2008 Election," "The Structure of White Supremacy and Election 2000 and 2004," "The Color of Abu Ghraib," "War, Racism and United Fronts in the Post 9/11 Era," "Crossing Race and Nationality: the Racial Formation of Asian Americans," "Educate to Liberate: Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies," and "Hating Barry Bonds."